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Public servants paid by the public 
are fair game to be lampooned
at our free, animated movies,
and animated graphic novels.

Choking to death from chemtrails
in the 3D animated movie called:
' The Grape Wars,' can now

The 3D animated graphic novel below, can be read, heard, watched; or all three, at the same time.

Free 3D animated movies and free animated novels published here, are not only entertainment, but founded on real incidents, and real individuals.

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Nurse Eradicate
The Slime Killer
An Animated Graphic Novel 

Novel Graphic Novels brings you 
an animated graphic novel about 
collusion between the banks,
the legal system, and the judiciary.

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Nurse Eradicate
The Slime Killer
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Nurse Eradicate
The Slime Killer

Based on true events, a victim
was robbed by Banks, then defrauded
by Lawyers; and finally re-victimized
by an unaccountable Court Judiciary.

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The Bully:
An Animated Graphic Novel
A free online animated graphic novel about bullying opens a new window on the origin 
of brutality.

Exploring bullying through a free online novel using 3D animated graphics, reveals a bully that humiliates, kicks, threatens, and destroys.  

Whether it's cyber bullying online, school yard bullying, or even work place bullying, 
the goal of bullying is to bring pleasure
to the bully from a position of power 
through the suffering of the victim.

The bully you are about to meet online
in this free animated graphic novel is simply 
The Bully.  We call him TB for short. 

You'll probably know
TB is  also short
for the contagious disease called tuberculosis. 
So, you'll understand that
TB: The Bully,,
is also a type of 'disease.' 

However, 'this disease is a sickness
of the mind,' not the body.

And so, we introduce 
TB: The Bully
who will come to you 
as a free online
3d animated graphic novel
that you can also hear,
or read, on the same page.

The Bankers' 
Grand Slam

Novel Graphic Novels presents
another 3D animated graphic novel online.

The background that inspired this free novel 
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animated novel page.

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itself , called: 


The free animated graphic novel online 
is about the war bankers have waged
on millions of people around the world. 

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The free novel reveals the attack
bankers have unleashed on the public


In the spirit of novel graphic novels 
mission to render 'facts on the
ground' through exciting  
visualization, we bring you
'The Bankers' Grand Slam,'
as a unique 3D animated graphic
novel that includes audio.

Through exciting online 3D action, 
novel graphic novels unveils
how banking harms those
they're chartered to serve.  


Graphic Novel background 
to Canada's North: 
Escape from Greed, Oil, and Death

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Novels about greed, treachery, and wars of conquest regarding oil are plentiful.

Novel online graphics depicting the use, and the effects of oil based energy is all over the internet
for any visitor to see.

However, this  non renewable black pool of energy, while bringing worlds together, can also tear them apart. turns its attention to a true story that happened in Canada's far North.

When cultures collide in a bitterly cold 
Northern environment where oil is the prize, the outcome can never be predicted.

Escape from Greed, Oil, and Death, is a graphic novel that recounts a story that happened between Eastern Europeans, English Canadians, and First Nation Canadians.

This clash of civilizations takes place near the North Pole.  A 'hostile deep freeze' which has become the new frontier for finding oil in the hope of finding new wealth.

To find out more about the background 
of the story above, click Canada's North online.

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Novel Background 
to The Graphic Novel
Terror in Toronto


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'Novel Toronto,' is novel indeed.  Toronto 
is home to people from over 200 different 
nations around the world and who now 
call Canada their home.  The city is a 
buzz with social, and economic activity.

It is in this 'new Toronto,' fading from 
its originating English heritage, that Toronto
Terror  makes sense.

The online novel above, takes place in 
Toronto, and addresses one possible 
scenario when 'crime meets belief.'  
The free online novel is based on true
events, but the free novel is a fictional
narrative designed to delve into 
the meaning of what 'free' really means?

To explore further the background of this free
online story, go to
Toronto online novel

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A Novel Historical  Background
to The Graphic Novel
Mary: A Woman Who Fought Evil 

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Free online graphic novels, are a way to 
share an online story that would stretch
believability if one listened to the novel
 in person.
And so it is with Mary, 
A Woman Who Fought Evil. 

Writing online to an online audience 
provides free territory that enables Mary 
to speak to you, the audience, with sincerity
 that only a personalized graphic novel
 can freely communicate.

As you penetrate ever deeper 
into this graphic  novel, published online,
you'll understand  why this woman
not only lost her identity from the past,
but she never really found it in a life 
that drew her into an uncertain future.

Explore the background to Mary's story, 
by going to a
free online novel of history.

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a woman at  war.
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the online novel now.

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