An Animated Graphic Novel 
is now an Animated Movie
called: The Bankers'
Grand Slam

Novel Graphic Novels publishes 
animated movies and graphic novels.

Using an online movie format, following in the  tradition of free animated movies online, Novel Graphic Novels turns its attention to banks.  

The animated movie is a hybrid between graphic novels, online movies, and online free animated movies with audio.

Our animated movie about banks, called The Banker's Grand Slam, sees the worldwide instability of banks as a portent to social instability in the 21st century.

While numerous online movies, scholarly books, and novels online, show how banks contributed to the lost standards of living for millions of people, a simple rendering of these events through an animated movie in 3D, might be new when combining them with features of  graphic novels online, along with features of free animated movies.

Through the simplicity of rendering a static graphic novel into an animated graphic novel that's really an animated movie, the complexity of banking could be simplified into the loss of ethical behavior.

Movies, novels, books, and even graphics have revealed to us for a long time the consequences to a civilization when ethics no longer matter.

Now, through an animated movie in 3D, rendered to the internet, this free online movie that's really animated graphics with audio, we can show in simple animated graphics how a Bank's Grand Slam is really an Ethical Grand Slam.

As individual ethical behavior dissolves, social disintegration is not far behind, and banks entrusted with the productive activity of their account holders can animate prominently that very disintegration of ethical behavior.

Rendering the lost ethics in banking through a 3D animated movie, or as 3D animated graphics, can reveal to a younger audience through this animated movie format, as evolved from the world of free graphic novels online, how institutions we normally trust, can fail us.

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The Bankers' Grand Slam is a 3D animated movie and 3D graphic novel  about the dissolution of ethics in the 21st century

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