Free Animated Movies Online about 
Criminal Banks, Lawyers and The Courts

Free online movies about fraudulent lawyers
streaming directly into your home are a lot more convenient than trekking to your neighborhood cinema to see crimes that lawyers do commit.

Movies about crimes committed by lawyers, essentially defrauding their own client is indeed shocking.

But when this fraudulent deed by a lawyer 
is partnered with a complicit bank, we have the beginnings of systemic corruption.

Free online stories about lawyers that lie, cheat, 
and defraud both friend and foe, are not as rare
as one might think.

Animated online movies of criminal behavior by lawyers are rare, but not because it doesn't happen in the real world.

A combination of experience, technical know how, and a flare for retelling a story as a streaming movie online is a rare opportunity to share freely the crimes that some lawyers do commit.

On rare occasions, Lawyers may partner with The Court, the judicial arena, where one expects justice, and instead experiences
the shock of injustice
When identity theft is committed by a corrupt bank
eager to hide its theft through bribery of the lawyer who would sue them for that theft, there is an opportunity for a harmonious criminal partnership.

The online free animated movie that will be streaming to your computer chronicling this rare partnership rivals anything you may have ever seen, read. or heard.


Because this animated movie is based on real people, and real events.


Free animated movies at theatres about bank runs, due to bank robberies conducted by the banks themselves are not going to be found in regular theatres.

Movies that are animated free and streaming online showing how banks can rob their account holders cash by stealing the account holders identity through 'identity theft,' will not be shown as popular theatre entertainment either

But online streaming free movies on the net, instead of theatres can be, and are dramatized here as free animated movies online.

Novels transformed into 3 D animated movies here clearly reveal how bank accounts can be robbed by banks with the help of enablers, such as Lawyers,
and The Courts. 

The Free Animated Movie you are about to see and hear, or read, if you wish, are all based on true events.

However, the remedy sought by the aggrieved victim in the animated movie is purely visionary.


The average bank account holder believes a bank can be trusted. They donít believe a bank account is not safe in the hands of a banker.

Through identity theft, a bank can easily rob the bank account holderís money in his/her bank account.

This, without the victim ever knowing his identity was stolen by his "friendly banker." 

And now without repercussions to the bank, the account holders cash can be robbed by his or her "friendly bank."

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called The Slime Killer

 Introduction to Our Graphic Novels  

The Slime Killer is a 3D animated movie
about the collusion between Banks, Lawyers and The Courts.

The Bankers' Grand Slam is a 3D animated movie and 3D graphic novel  about the dissolution of ethics in the 21st century

Mary: A Novel Historical Background 

Terror in Toronto: The Background 
to Samy's Novel Graphic Novel

Escape from Greed, Oil and Death is an
Online Graphic Novel about Canada's North, based on real people, and  real events

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The Bankers' Grand Slam

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Terror in Toronto 

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Mary, A Woman Who Fought Evil

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