Introduction to our
Free Graphic Novels

Our Novel Graphic Novels
are about real people who lived
through real events. 

The novels that contain pages
with embedded audio provide
the option to read the graphic 
novel, as well to passively listen 
to it while enjoying the graphics.

We tell free online stories that
 we hope fascinates, and stimulates.

Topics we select for free online
novels, and 3D animated movies,
may have global significance,
but are told through the experience 
of characters living in their own 

The free novels use graphics to
heighten the  experience of the novel,
and will sometimes use audio
to impart the novel as well.
The stories that are in 3D
animated movie format

possess both video and audio,
and if you prefer, you can also
read the the 3D animated movie
directly on the same page.

We endeavor to provide
the best graphic novels, 
and 3D animated movies,
and we promise an online 
experience that explores
many novel events, characters,
and locations.

Introduction to Our Graphic Novels  

The Bankers' Grand Slam is a 
3D animated movie and 3D
graphic novel  about the dissolution 
of ethics in the 21st century

Mary: A Novel Historical Background 

Terror in Toronto: The Background 
to Samy's Novel Graphic Novel

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The Slime Killer

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The Bankers' Grand Slam

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Terror in Toronto 

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Mary, A Woman Who Fought Evil

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 Escape from Greed, Oil, and Death 

Escape from Greed, Oil and Death is an
Online Graphic Novel about Canada's North, based on real people, and  real events