Terror in Toronto: 
Background to Samy's Graphic Novel


To a casual observer, Toronto 
in Canada, appears a modern,
prosperous, and safe city.  Socially advanced, Toronto offers all 
the rights and freedoms, 
a politically and economically
advanced city should deliver. 
And yet, it has disconcerting

Novel Graphic Novels has turned
its attention to these undercurrents 
and through the power of a graphic 
novel online, in fact, a free 
graphic novel online, tells a story
that things in Toronto 
are not as they seem. 

Through the eyes of an innocent 
boy called Samy,  our  graphic novel 
reveals Toronto can be a place
of fear, terror, and even worse.

In  this sense, this online novel lifts
a curtain to how current social trends 
can be a warning to one possible future.

In any event, the primary purpose 
of the graphic novel, 'Terror in Toronto,' 
is to intrigue,  and tell a novel story
through an online graphic novel format
that not  only tells a novel story
through words, and pictures, 
but through audio as well.

That's right, if you don't  want to read the free online novel, you can listen to its audio track while still enjoying the stimulation of the graphic visuals.

And yes, the online audio portion 
of the graphic novel is also free.  
So, click graphic novel below, 
and delve into this unusual 

graphic novel


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Terror in Toronto: The Background 
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