Mary: A Novel History

Graphic novels that endeavor to be historically correct are challenged by missing information, missing photos, and of course, missing third party witnesses.

The graphic novel about Mary, 
A  Woman Who Fought Evil, misses
all the evidence gathering 
methods mentioned 
above. Nevertheless, 
this free online novel is 'true.'

Novel Graphic Novels are dedicated 
to publishing novels that are either
true, or are inspired by real people 
and real events.

It measures truth by the number of times these stories have been repeated by Mary over the decades in exactly the same way, without adding anything in, or leaving anything out.

We also measure the truth of Mary's novel experience by the emotional intensity with which she repeated these stories to those   who cared to listen.  And finally, by the emotional trauma it brought her while sharing her novel war experiences 
with  her listeners.

Novel Graphic Novels interviewed Mary a number of times to record graphically, and in words,  her struggles during WW 2

The events in her life as a single woman are  indeed novel, and are highly suited 
to a graphic novel format that tells of her  ordeals during the  war.

Novel Graphic Novels endeavors to recreate both the physical environment of Budapest, Hungary, as well as the internal, spiritual and emotional struggles within Mary herself.  This free online graphic novel recounts the numerous adversities Mary survived during the war, and over which she eventually triumphed.

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