It was a hot summer day in Toronto. Sam gazed out the window overlooking a haze filled city shrouded by steamy air and a colorless sky. When the heat was too much, sitting on the apartment window ledge offered some relief when he was dressed down to his undershirt and 'cut off jeans.'

As long as he could remember, this apartment and the view from his bedroom window was Sam's home. And yet, he felt a longing, a kind of hunger he could not identify or even understand.

How could he possibly understand? He was only 10 years old and locating the source of this strange emptiness wasn't as easy as locating an emptiness in his stomach.

When she wasn't at work, his Mother would cook a delicious meal and that would look after his stomach. But this other nameless hunger could not be satisfied.

Of course, his Mother would encourage him to play with friends, go swim in the city's pool, or even go read in the library where it was cool. But this curious emptiness could not be filled with those activities no matter how much he tried. So, he gazed at the misty skyline and wondered whether his nameless hunger would ever discover the kind of satisfaction that would make him feel complete.

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