As Mary rounded the corner in the devastated
city, she glanced at a dazed and homeless
family on the street. As much as she wanted
to help that lost family there wasn't much
she could do because she was trying to find
herself as well, since she too, was lost.

Her mission, she felt, would eventually
help find that lost self.

One important step in that direction
is to get to work. There, her passion
for the 'cause 'and her knowledge of
languages were in demand. The sooner
she arrived, the faster she'd be
able to find her own path.

As she marched on, she reflected on how
neither that family on the street, nor her
co-workers knew who she was?

In the confusion of war, identities can be
changed by an act of will. Since she changed
her identity first to elude the enemy,
and later to be embraced by the victors,
she discovered that her double identity change
not only helped her survive, but helped her
acquire power.

While she felt she was putting that power
to good use, it amazed her to know that
she acquired that power not only without
anyone knowing who she was, but without
knowing herself, who she was?


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