Mary gazed at the fish as it lay on the table 
under the dull light. She knew it's life had 
already drained out, because the dead 
staring eyes of the fish were blank 
and sunken.

On one side of the fish lay a military issued 
colt .45, and on the opposite side lay
a filleting knife.

Before preparing the fish for dinner that Mary brought home, she liked to remove her military side arm from
its holster and place it flat on the table.

This was Mary's usual habit. She believed
having the gun handy would make her safer. 
Even going to sleep, she would place
the gun on top of the drawers beside the bed.

As she prepared to fillet the luckless fish,
Mary would hum a tune. It sounded somewhat like a lullaby and it appeared to sooth her nerves. But not from the prospect of filleting the fish, but from something else.  Something that seemed 
to haunt her days, and many times even her nights.

Of course, during the day she kept these thoughts hidden, deeply buried even from herself. This 
way, even though she may not have realized it, 
her attention remained undivided and focused
on her mission.

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