Despite the nightmares, it was her mission that kept her even tempered and grounded.

By next morning, even before the sun fully rose over the horizon, Mary was marching along the sidewalk on her way to work.

Knowing the Russian Occupational Army fully backed her mission, the periodic nightmares could not deter her. The metal cleats of her boots cracked against the darkened sidewalk, affirming to her that she was on the right track.

In her smart military clothes and army issued .45 in a holster attached to a broad leather belt fastened around her waist, Mary felt no fear, no matter how dark the morning, no matter how dark
the streets.

Yes, there were reasons to be alert in a darkened street. The city had not been fully flushed of ruthless men
who would gladly attack the unwary.

Now that she was part of an army that defeated the enemy, she knew she was especially threatened by men hiding in the shadows of the demolished city.
These hidden threats not only did not frighten her, but actually made her even more resolute in her quest.

She marched with self assurance, fully optimistic that each day brought her one step closer to her goals.


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