Treachery at Fort McMurrays's Oil Sands

Online Graphic Novel about Canada's North, based on real people, and  real events: turns
it's attention to Canada's far North.

The graphic novel combines
personal experiences with the North 
and communicates those novel
sites, and scenes, through online graphics to help put, you the reader,
into Canada's North land's history.

This graphic novel has characters in it
that have passed on, and some who are still with us.  So, it's based on individuals who lived through the novel events
you are about to experience.

The events and people chronicled
in this online novel did not have cameras or video recorders to capture for 'all time,' the events they lived through.

Graphic novels are a way to capture
and retell those incidents and events using the power of graphics
when there are no pictures or videos.

The novel's events happened a long time ago, in and around Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada.  Nevertheless, the story of betrayal, fear, and awakening by a husband and wife in an unknown land still resonates to us, in our day.

Fort McMurray, depicted here in a simple graphic, long before European explorers discovered the oil sands, was already being used by local natives to waterproof their canoes against the waters of Northern lakes and rivers.

Arriving into this free, but forbidding land, is an Eastern European Family, who have no idea of the impossibly novel experiences they will endure.

Natives who have learned to survive in this hostile environment are depicted in this graphic novel as both the guides and saviors of this family's online story.

The first Europeans, mostly of English heritage, as you will learn in the graphic novel online, established law and order from their own cultural references, totally alien to the native Canadians who already lived here.

Between these conflicting cultural tribes, that is, the English and Natives, arrived the Easter European Family who has no experience with either the English or the Natives.

The online graphic novel captures in simple language and with dramatic graphics the conflicting experiences of this family.  

The online graphic novel depicts how loyalty  towards authorities can lead to despair, while suspicion towards an alien land, and its natives, can be transformed by necessity, into survival and hope.

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